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Warning.png Warning:
Koozali SME v9 is now EOL, deprecated and no longer supported. Upgrade to Koozali v10 immediately

Warning.png Warning:
Even if you try this on a v9 server it may fail and break your server. Upgrade immeditely

Here is a short how to on how to upgrade your horde 3 base installation on SME9 to a full Horde 5.2 installation


John Bennett III aka mrjhb3



Install Horde 5.2 on SME9

ssh to your SME Server 9

cd /root
wget http://mirror.contribs.org/contribs/jbennett/horde/horde52-rpms.zip
  • followings are optional:
wget http://mirror.contribs.org/contribs/jbennett/horde/horde52-srpms.zip
wget http://mirror.contribs.org/contribs/jbennett/horde/horde52-rpms.zip.md5sum
wget http://mirror.contribs.org/contribs/jbennett/horde/horde52-srpms.zip.md5sum
  • then unzip and install
unzip horde52-rpms.zip 
cd horde52
sh Install-horde52.sh
  • finally configure and upgrade
signal-event post-upgrade ; signal-event reboot

  • congratulation you have Horde 5.2 on SME9

Config settings

Here are some of the options available:

Key Default Options
Cookies enabled disabled
ActiveSync disabled enabled
RemoveUsers disabled enabled
cache disabled enabled
DeviceLog disabled enabled
Admins empty (default - admin user) comma separated list of email addresses

These keys may need other packages:

inlineMSWord false true
inlineMSExcel false true
inlineMSWPowerpoint false true
inlineMSWordperfect false true

Warning.png Warning:
For completeness these are there as well but changing them will likely break your installation.

Do not change them without knowing what you are doing.

SecretKey somelongandcomplicatedkey empty
DbPassword somelongandcomplicatedpassword empty

Updating settings:

config setprop horde prop option
signal-event console-save

Small fix to correct issue with PHP size, see the link below [ADD by TDB 19th Nov 2016]


Basically I needed to expand the memory size for PHP to 64M I have doubled the original size from 32M to 64M not sure this is the best size but works for me.

db configuration setprop php MemoryLimit 64M
expand-template /etc/php.ini
sv t httpd-e-smith

With out the above fix some things may not work - in my case when I setup EM Client for email, calendars, contacts & tasks.

All worked well except for the calendar items.

All credit to Stefano he gave me the answer (I have just shared here for others)

More information



Jan 2020

Kronolith works with v9 and Horde 52

Just tested with:


You can use Dav5x on Android https://www.davx5.com

You will need to add a new server

Base URL = https://host.domain.com/horde/rpc.php/
Login : user login
Pass : user pass


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the Horde5 component or use this link

"No open bugs found."