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The SME Server wiki has chosen to make use of the MediaWiki categorization features to better organize content.

A top level category named "Knowledge Base" has been selected. All other categories should be placed into this category which makes them automatically sub-categories.

How do I categorize a page?

Simply add the line


where Name is the name of the category, to any article to put it in a category. Editing a category page will likewise categorize the category making it a sub-category rather than a linked article. The link will be placed at the bottom of the page by the wiki formatting system.

Where the article is referenced from within the text of another page or you wish to add a category link to the top of a page.
eg. parts of the Technical Manual are compiled from Howto articles SME_Server:Documentation:Technical_Manual:Chapter4 or SME Server 9.


<noinclude>[[:Category:SME9-Development|SME Server 9]]</noinclude>

What category should I use?

Use what makes sense. Look at the list of categories from the Special Pages link to the left to see what already exists. If nothing matches, create one, but be sure to edit the new category page and place it into a category, even if it is "Knowledge Base"

Can I categorize a page more than once?

Yes, just add more Category lines to the page and it will exist in multiple categories.

How do I create a category?

Easy, just put a page into a category that doesn't exist and the category link at the bottom of the page will be a link to edit the new category. Be sure to categorize your category new (see below).

How do I categorize a category?

Categories are pages, just as all other pages are; in addition to the list of pages (and subcategories) in a category, there's a space at the top for content which describes the category. In addition to this "real" content, you can also include Category tags, which will make that category into a sub-category of the Category whose take you use.

This is really less complicated than we make it sound here; look at the source for a few category pages, and it will likely become clear to you.

Please don't put an article in a category and also a subcategory. It clutters the hierarchy of the information being presented.

Does everything need to be in a category?

No, not all pages need to be categorized. These Help pages are a good example. They exist on their own and don't need to be lumped in with the rest of the Knowledge Base.

Sorting within the category listing

You can also specify an additional {Sort} parameter that dictates where the page will appear, alphabetically, within the category. This is achieved by using the following markup:


So for example, to add this page to the 'Help' category, you would use:


Note that we used 'Categories' as the sort parameter. Without this the page would be listed under 'H' for 'Help:Categories', instead of under 'C', which is more useful. Other situations where you might want to use the sort parameter is when you have articles about people that are titled as FirstName LastName but within the category you want them listed as LastName, FirstName.

Note: the {sort} parameter does not affect how the page title is displayed within the category listing, just how it is ordered. In the above example, the link to this page will still be 'Help:Categories', and not 'Categories' as you might expect!

Where should the category wikitext be put?

While not technically required, it is preferred to put [[Category:foobar]] entries at the bottom of the article. This follows the flow better. Something that might alter that is using a template in article that also has categories. Also, try to find the best existing category to fit your article, instead of creating categories on a whim. It

What about transcluded categories?

Categories that are brought in on a page by transcluded templates introduce a caching issue the editor must consider. If the template's categories are updated, it is possible to immediately see this effect on pages using the template. However, the category page which would list the article won't be updated until the actual article itself is saved again.