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Geneweb for SME Server 9.x

PythonIcon.png Skill level: medium
The instructions on this page require a basic knowledge of linux.



Craig Jensen ( : original developper


Contrib 10:
Devel 9:
Contrib 9:
The latest version of smeserver-geneweb is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.

Contrib 10:
Contrib 9:
The latest version of geneweb is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


Geneweb is a genealogy software program with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or in a Web environment. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier Rémy, research Director at INRIA.

GeneWeb's strong points are the following:

  • Web interface
  • Dynamic display
  • Relationship and consanguinity computing
  • Polyglot
  • Spelling correction
  • Nobility titles
  • Information update and protection
  • Customization (background color, etc)
  • Miscellaneous Features: birthdays, last births, etc.
  • An example: more than 100,000 persons
  • Import and export of GEDCOM files


  • The following steps install two packages, namely:
  • The first RPM- geneweb-6.08-*.el6.sme.i386.rpm is the latest Geneweb build (6.08) compiled for SME 9.
  • The second - smeserver-geneweb-2.0-*.el4.sme.noarch.rpm integrates Geneweb into SME 9. It includes a server-manager panel to configure the IP assigned to the client machine from which Geneweb is allowed to be administered.

The following command will install all of the required packages for you.

yum --enablerepo=smecontribs install geneweb smeserver-geneweb


rpm -e smeserver-geneweb geneweb



Multi-language docs by creator

Start the service

Once installed you have a service installed called 'gwd'

enable the service:

service geneweb start

Starting GeneWeb Services:
GeneWeb 6.08 - To start, open location http://localhost:2316/

Administrating the database.

Now browse to port 2316 to Administer the database.

The address or http://localhost:2316/ is your Admin access to the database.

  1. open the server-manager
  2. click the new Geneweb Admin under the Administration heading
  3. note the IP listed in 'Current assigned Geneweb 'only' IP:':
    Important.png Note:
    The config file that assigns the administration IP for Geneweb resides in /opt/geneweb/gw/gw/only.txt. This file is templated and managed within the server-manager panel provided by the smeserver-geneweb package

  4. change this IP if it is not the client IP from wish you want to administer Geneweb
  5. click 'Change IP and Administer'
  6. in the field 'New IP from which you wish to administer Geneweb:' enter the desired IP
    Important.png Note:
    This IP must be on your LAN and must be a valid IP

  7. in the field '... Database(s) directory' you may change the directory which contains the bases (def: /opt/geneweb/bases). Eventually a directory in an ibay with good access rights (write access for the geneweb group).
  8. click 'SAVE'

New empty base

  1. Running gwsetup. http://localhost:2316/ ( or the local IP defined above )
  2. In Create Family Tree click on empty (gwc)
  3. follow the instructions

Basic use

Running GeneWeb.

From your client, go to the main site at http://yoursite:2317/database

From your desktop, go to the main documentation at http://yoursite:2317/database?m=DOC, pick your favorite language and follow the "restrictions" link.. As it stands now, anyone will be able to add to (or trash) your database once you make it available to the outside world.


Links to more Geneology and Geneweb info:

1. GeneWeb home
2. CAML programming language home
3. INIRA (French) GeneWeb originated here
4. The Geneology Home Page
5. Family Search page

an example database page


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-geneweb component or use this link .

Below is an overview of the current issues for this contrib:

No open bugs found.


Only released version in smecontrib are listed here.

smeserver-geneweb Changelog: SME 10 (smecontribs)
2024/03/02 Brian Read 2.3.0-8.sme
- Edit SM2 Menu entry to conform to new arrangements [SME: 12493]
2022/07/30 Brian Read 2.3.0-7.sme
- Re-build and link to latest devtools [SME: 11997]

2022/07/14 Michel Begue 2.3.0-6.sme
- Re-build and link to latest devtools migrate fragment error [SME: 11610]
- back to standard log files and fix log files not fed
- run 2 services with user geneweb
- add geneweb to backup list [SME: 12074]

- update to httpd 2.4 syntax [SME: 12047]
2022/01/07 Brian Read 2.3.0-5.sme
- Add-class-to-div-for-AdminLTE [SME: 11838]
2021/08/22 Terry Fage 2.3.0-4.sme
- apply locale 2021-08-22 patch