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Diskusage for SME Server

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Darrel May (Contrib)


Contrib 9:
Devel 10:
The latest version of smeserver-diskusage is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


Diskusage adds a panel to the server-manager showing filesystem, i-bay and user statistics. Screenshot from minimal test-machine.

Download and Installation

  • For SME8
yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-diskusage
signal-event console-save
  • For SME9
yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-diskusage
signal-event console-save
  • For SME10
yum install --enablerepo=smecontribs smeserver-diskusage
signal-event console-save

No need to reboot
Open your webbrowser and go to the server-manager.
Under "Administration" there should be a new line named "Disk usage".


rpm -e smeserver-diskusage

Additional information

Announce smeserver-diskusage

If you connect to the SMEserver console by Putty ssh-client (or similar) you can copy and paste the commands (very convenient).

Check installed version

yum info installed smeserver-diskusage


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-Diskusage component or use this link .

11030SME Contribs10alphaRESOLVEDInitial Import in SME 10 [smeserver-diskusage]


Only released version of smeserver-Diskusage in smecontrib are listed here.

smeserver-Diskusage Changelog: SME 9 (smecontribs)
2015/07/01 stephane de Labrusse - 0.2.0-2
- add smeserver-diskusage-0.2.0-locale-2015-07-01.patch [SME: 8966]

2014/06/08 stephane de Labrusse - 0.2.0-1
- First release to contribs9

- add locale smeserver-diskusage-0.0.1-locale-2014-06-08.patch
2013/07/14 JP Pialasse 0.0.1-22.sme
- apply locale 2013-07-14 patch
2012/03/20 SME Translation Server 0.0.1-21.el6
- apply locale 2012-03-20 patch
2011/03/06 SME Translation Server 0.0.1-20.sme
- apply locale 2011-03-06 patch