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Skeleton, draft: PLEASE FILL THIS IN and CORRECT

Yes, some of this info is scattered around the place but much is not. It can usefully all be in one place with a clear structure.

Why contribute?

 * Making the project better
 * Adding funcionality YOU and your users WANT
 * Fixing a bug that is bugging you
 * General do-good glow
 * The project has a deep history. Make the project more in line with current norms
 * The sincere appreciation of many users


 * Build system
 * Documentation
 * Help with tools
 * ????
 !!Make it easy, some sort of single package to do the lot!!


 * Coders -- document languages accepted, code standards, hooks, apis, etc, and explanations
 * How to create a fix, feature, etc, testing etc.
 * Non-coders, where and what needs attention


 * How to contribute it! What a contribution consists of, acceptance into project, supporting doc, etc.


 * Sources of help, contacts, lists, RocketChat...
 (potential contrib contacts must be monitored!)


 * Add to list of contributors, props, + Some Tangible Reward not money