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How to install thirdy party backup software like Yosemite Backup and Hp Data Protector Express

Hp tape drives come bundled with Data Protector Express Single Server Edition 3.x (DPE) that is the Hp branded version of Yosemite Backup 8.x Single Server (YB). You may be interested in using one of this software for their graphical interface, for their extended scheduling capabilities or for their ability to interact (in full version) with other servers with installed tape drives (you could backup your data on a tape drive that is physically on another server).
First of all follow Hp/Yosemite instructions to install the product for a RedHat distribution. At the end of the installation process the software will be installed in:

/usr/local/yosemite/yosemitebackup (Yosemite Backup)
/usr/local/hp/dpx (Hp DPE)

Then you have to create services:

/usr/local/yosemite/yosemitebackup/ytlinsvc -i (Yosemite Backup)


/usr/local/hp/dpx/dplinsvc -i (Hp DPE)

Then you must instruct your SME server to autostart this service. To do so add a script in this folder:


containing the command to start the service:

/usr/local/yosemite/yosemitebackup/ytlinsvc -s (Yosemite Backup)


/usr/local/hp/dpx/dplinsvc -s (Hp DPE)

You could have the capability to manage the software using a “clipper style” console very similar to Novell Netware applications panels, but this is not very practical (when starting this management console a warning will appear saying that this kind of interface is no longer supported); anyway the commands to do this are:

/usr/local/yosemite/yosemitebackup/ytadmin (Yosemite Backup)


/usr/local/hp/dpx/dpadmin (Hp DPE)

better try to use those command inside a linux terminal or putty console instead the server console.
The more practical way to manage the software is installing again the software in management only mode on a Windows or Linux desktop: when installing you will be asked to specify the hostname/ip address of the backup server you want to manage; do not install services on your workstation: is not needed. When installation has completed you can launch your console to connect to YB/DPE service running on your SME server.
You can now configure your backup sets following the YB/DPE manual: basically protect the admin access with a password (both YB and DPE manage their own security and users) and configure/schedule your backups.
Remember to select the files to backup in the same way SME does for its backup on tape or disk: this command will give a listing of the files & folders included in a standard backup & restore, as per a default install of SME server:

perl -e 'use esmith::Backup; $b = new esmith::Backup;print join("\n",$b->restore_list)'

Which on a sme7.x server shows:


This is the list of files to be selected when creating a backup job in Data Protector or Yosemite Backup jobs (You must backup also the catalog/database of the YB/DPE backup software).

Some further tips:

  1. to install and execute Yosemite Backup 8.1 you may need to install the compat-libstdc++.rpm library from within SME server Software Panel;

  2. sometimes you may be unable to connect your desktop console to the backup service: you must modify the following ini file:
/usr/local/yosemite/yosemitebackup/config/ytconfig.ini (Yosemite Backup)


/usr/local/hp/dpx/dplinsvc/config/dpconfig.ini (Hp DPE)

adding the following line:


this instruction forces Data Protector or Yosemite service to bind to a specific IP address and is necessary with multihomed servers but sometimes is required with single network card configurations too.