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Daniel B.
Firewall Services


The latest version of smeserver-altqmail is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.



available at Firewall services


This contrib will setup a new, independant qmail instance, running in a chroot. This instance can have its own configuration. It'll only be usefull in some rare condition, where:

  • You send your email directly (not through a SMART host)
  • You sometime send relativly big mailing (several 100 or 1000 at a time), so you do not want to reduce the global remote concurrency limit
  • Some of the remote domains have a very low concurrency limit

I've build this contrib (with the precious help and advices from Charlie Brady) especially for this: domains and (big french ISP) only accept 2 concurrent SMTP connections. So, when someone send, say 30 email to those domains:

  • The first 2 mails are accepted, the 28 remaining get a deferral
  • Next time, 2 mails are also accepted, still 26 to send
  • etc...

The problem is that, time between retries is exponential, so, just for those 30 mails, it could take several hours, or even days for all of them to be sent.

With this new contrib, you can set a very low remonte concurrency limit, and only send mails to problematic domains through this instance (the main qmail instance will route mails to those domains with a smtproutes rule)


  • You need to configure Fws repository


To install the contrib, simply run the following command:

yum --enablerepo=fws install smeserver-altqmail
signal-event email-update
sv u /service/altqmail
sv u /service/altqmail-smtpd


You can now choose the remote concurrency setting for this qmail instance, and the domains will be routed through it:

db configuration setprop altqmail ConcurrencyRemote 2 Domains,
signal-event email-update
sv t /service/altqmail


You can see logs in /var/log/altqmail/current and /var/log/altqmail-smtpd/current


If you want to uninstall this contrib, just run:

yum remove smeserver-altqmail
signal-event email-update


You can find the srpm in our repo here: You can also browse sources and clone the contrib from our git repo here:;a=summary


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-altqmail component or use this link

"No open bugs found."