Add tar file to CVS and build system

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Adding in an updated tar file to the CVS and buildsystem

  1. Make sure you have done an update or prepa in the contribs10 directory
  2. Create the new tar file on your local build system (tar -cvzf smeserver-<contrib>-<version>.tar.gz smeserver-<contrib>-<version>/)
  3. Send it the remote buildsys (scp?)
  4. Login into buildsys
  5. cvs update -dPA in previously checked out (not anonymous) contribs10 directory (or whereever)
  6. OR cvs -z3 -d /cvs/smecontribs co -P contrib
  7. Edit version number in spec file and delete patch commands
  8. Copy new tar file into the contribs10 directory
  9. "make new-sources FILES="contribs-release.tar.gz"
  10. cvs commit -m "comment about commit" (this simultaneously commit spec and tar file)
  11. logout from buildsys
  12. Go to contribs10 file on local build system
  13. prepa (or cvs update -dPA)
  14. Check new spec and tar file and tree (+.old) is correct!
  15. Mockbuild locally
  16. Test it.
  17. Build it on buildsys (make commit tag build)