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PythonIcon.png Skill level: medium
The instructions on this page require a basic knowledge of linux.

HOW-TO migrate from zarafa to sogo

Important.png Note:
First thing to be said is, that if you are used to work with invitations, a frontend is needed. If you are used to zarafa-webaccess you know at least, that invitations for your calendar can easily be handled. Don't expect this with the SOGo web-gui. There are no buttons to accept or decline invitations. I couldn't find one and it seems to me, there is none. Tested on SME 9.1 with SOGo 2.3.5-1.centos6.i686

Information.png Tip:
As a frontend SOGo recommends mozilla thunderbird Additionally the thunderbird addon lightning is needed. At last you need to have the SOGo-Connector for thunderbird.

If you are used to get with activesync contacts, calendar, tasks and emails on your mobile, for my mobile it can only be done with two accounts. One exchange account to sync calendar and contacts with SOGo, and one imap-account to sync emails against your (imap-) smeserver. SOGo activesync seems not to be possible syncing emails with my mobile. Maybe it syncs other models, you have to find out for yourself.

Let's start with pulling out the emails from zarafa. Thanks to Stephano for his hint using imapsync

Stop receiving emails during imapsync:

/usr/local/bin/svc -d /service/qpsmtpd/


/usr/local/bin/svc -d /service/sqpsmtpd/

Disable the user you want to migrate in zarafa:

db accounts setprop $USERNAME Zarafa disabled


signal-event user-modify $USERNAME

Information.png Tip:
Have a look at the last example on the page Just turn the ports and modify the command for your users. Depending on the ammount of your emails, this can take a long time.

When finished, start receiving email again:

/usr/local/bin/svc -u /service/qpsmtpd/


/usr/local/bin/svc -u /service/sqpsmtpd/

Check on the server, if the emails are in the mail-folders. You may do this with webmail.

Next step is to install thunderbird and configure thunderbird as a frontend of zarafa. We need to get the contacts and the calendar from zarafa in thunderbird.

Important.png Note:
In thunderbird you have to add a remote adressbook. And also a network calendar.

Information.png Tip:
This helps us to find the correct configuration:

I used https://server:8089/ical/ which gives you a login to the zarafa ical service.

Important.png Note:
The calendar has to be exported as an ics-file.

For pulling out the contacts from zarafa I used the tzpush add-on for thunderbird. You'll find your contacts in your personal adressbook in thunderbird.

Important.png Note:
If thunderbird is in sync with zarafa, you'll have to export the adresses in a ldif-file.

Important.png Note:
Check the files - you may do this by removing in thunderbird the zarafa-sync. Just delete the adressbook and the calendar you created before. Restart thunderbird and import the ldif-file and the ics-file. Have a close look at all data. If you alter data in thunderbird, export again in ldif or ics.

Now clear all data in thunderbird. I tried to sync from thunderbird to SOGo and found out (for me) the other way round might be better. So let's install SOGo.

Information.png Tip:
This is the page we need Just follow the contrib.

When finished, call the SOGo-gui. Login with your credentials. Move to the calendar. On the left side you'll see your personal calendar. Move with the mouse over it and click the right button. In the context you choose import a calendar (ics-file). Go ahead and import your formerly exported and saved ics-file from thunderbird. Do the same with your adressbook.

Important.png Note:
When finished, check all data carefully. Zarafa has more/other fields as SOGo. There might be some work to do.

If this is done, we'll have to sync thunderbird with SOGo. In fact it's nearly the same way how we configured thunderbird to sync with zarafa. All we need is the CalDAV and CardDAV of SOGo. You'll find this by clicking with the right button of your mouse while hovering over your calendar and your adressbook. Click on settings. Choose the right tab, you'll see the link we need. It should look like this:

https://your-IP or domain/SOGo/dav/user-name/Calendar/personal/


https://your-IP or domain/SOGo/dav/user-name/Contacts/personal/

Be patient - depending on the amount of the data, syncing can take a while.

Last thing you have to configure an imap-accout in thunderbird to get your emails from the smeserver.

Now, if you want to sync SOGo with a mobile please follow the SOGo people on this page: For my Nokia E7-00 I had to configure two mailboxes. One as an Exchange-Server which syncs the calendar and the contacts with SOGo. And another account as an IMAP-account to sync emails with the smeserver. Make sure that the settings for receiving email through IMAP in the server-manager are correct.

Important.png Note:
At least I found out if you synced zarafa with z-push to your mobile, you should remove z-push. That interferes with the SOGo-activesync.

This works for me, I can't tell for other mobiles.

If everything is tested and working as expected, you may remove zarafa from your server. Additionally you may drop the zarafa-database.

Information.png Tip:
Be careful with contacts and calendar - check carefully. On my mobile I'm still unhappy with the synced calendar. It seems some appointments are synced, others not. I'll have a look on this, but maybe, it depends on my mobile.

That's it. Welcome to SOGo. Big thank to Stéphane de Labrusse and all others who contributed.