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would adding a dedicated hard drive formated as XFS and JFS be a good idea ?

storing video on the same drive as SME would be a very bad idea

Snoble 16:54, 26 September 2007 (MDT)

Why is storing data on the same drive as sme a bad idea? I'd recommend storing it on a separate lvm partition so you don't take the system down when your recordings fill up the drive. I've played with all the other filesystems and they don't buy you much. XFS performs a little bit better but not noticeable. XFS also isn't stable as it requires a stack size > 4K (RHEL kernels have the stack set to 4K). Slords (talkcontribs). 23:49, 26 September 2007 (MDT)

Please merge MythTV-HowTo into this page

As the MythTV-HowTo page holds mch more detailed information I suggest we merge before mentioned page with this one to have information in one place and at the same time stick to the naming convention used in this Wiki - Cactus 15:22, 2 December 2007 (MST)

Mythweb installation

Wouldn't it be much easier to simply copy the default configuration template (after installation of mythweb this should be available in /path/to/mythweb/mythweb.conf.apache) to the template tree and modify it's name accordingly to the template system as well as suggesting to call your ibay mythweb. To me this seems a much easier way and also includes a lot more parameters that might be needed to have all modules functioning. - Cactus 05:00, 6 January 2008 (MST)

  • Can't seem to find /path/to/mythweb/mythweb.conf.apache (/var/www/html/mythweb).... with the latest .rpm as described in the how-to.... RequestedDeletion