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The Koozali SME Server project

The Koozali Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that governs the open source Koozali SME Server project. Koozali SME Server is a stable, secure and easy to use/manage linux server that provides common server functionalities out of the box. Many open source contributions are available that can extend the default server functionality making Koozali SME Server an even more powerful and flexible business server solution. Thousands of Koozali SME Severs have been deployed as real or virtual servers and in the cloud to serve many small to medium enterprises, and this number is growing day by day. The Koozali SME Server is free to use but it takes a lot of effort and money to develop, make, and maintain. We therefore ask you for your considerations.


Koozali Foundation Inc. together with its community hosted at is a collaborative effort of volunteers. You too can contribute to the development and continuity of the Koozali SME Server project as described on our volunteering page. Everybody is welcome to join the already 4000+ member community and can contribute with any skill set.

Financial donations

You can also show your support by making financial donations. The preferred way to make financial donations is using the donate option in the forums. You are free to choose any amount and frequency, being monthly, yearly or only once. The benefit of donating through your forums account is that your forum user name will receive a badge, showing your donation status. If you do not have a forum account, you can create one, or select the below PayPal option to make your donations.

Commercial usage

Organizations that use Koozali SME Server for their business, provide professional services related to SME Server or in any other way benefit commercially from the Koozali SME Server project, are kindly requested to consider regular financial donations that reflect their business benefits.

Koozali Foundation Inc. is happy to supply an invoice for any donations received. For more information on invoicing please send a mail to

Thank you for your considerations and support!

Current Release

SME Server 9.x

The current stable release SME Server 9.0 based on CentOS 6.5, There is a contribs repository for SME Server 9 but there are only a few contribs that have been certified as yet. Please consult the SME9Contribs QA page and try to help the development by testing and reporting to bugzilla.

SME Server 8.x

The current stable release is SME Server Release 8.1 (based on CentOS 5.10), see the Updates section below for details of incremental updates available with yum. Our prior stable release was SME Server Release 8.0.

Warning.png Warning:
See note below burning of smeserver ISO and suitable media for burning

Download Locations

SME Server (and many add-ons) can be downloaded from one of our download locations. These download locations (Mirrors) have generously been provided by our mirror partners. Additional information on how to become a mirror partner and the status of current mirrors is available here.

A BIG thanks to all of our sponsors for the mirrors.

For a full list of our download mirrors see our download locations


Procedure to download an ISO: Select the closest mirror, the version of SME Server you want, then the iso directory and finally the i386 or the x86_64 directory. Note that in each repo, there are two ISO images. One is named according to the released version (e.g. smeserver-8.1-i386.iso), the other does not provide version information (e.g. smeserver-i386.iso). The non version ISO is the actual file and facilitates rsync updates for the mirrors. The versioned ISO is actually a symlink to the non-versioned ISO so people know what version they are downloading. Both will download the same binary data to your computer.

Information.png Tip:
Due to the growth of a number of included packages, the size of the smeserver ISO has now outgrown the size of CD-ROM media. A DVD-ROM is now the prefered sized medium or use a Usb Key. Therefore, it is now strongly recommended to use a DVD-ROM or USB Key for both versions.)

Direct links :

For SME 9

Warning.png Warning:
With some ATI or Intel video card you may have some garbled screen at the first boot due to the Kernel Mode Setting. This bug is related in bugzilla:8488. You can solve your issue at the boot menu of the live DVD/USB, press Tab to edit the boot arguments and add "nomodeset" at the end of the line. Normally you don't have this problem during the installation it shows up afterwards.



Please always verify your download against the provided checksums (md5 or sha1) provided in the directories here

For SME 8



Please always verify your download against the provided checksums (md5 or sha1) provided in the directories here

Torrent - The fastest way to download

The SME Server ISO DVD image is available for download as a Torrent

Torrent files are located at

SME Server 9 section

SME Server 8 section


When updates become available you will be able to update a previous version of an iso using zsync, run the command from the same directory as your existing iso. zsync uses a control file to determine whether any blocks in the file are already known to the downloader, and only downloads the new blocks. If you don't have a previous iso zsync is still a good option, it will recover an interrupted download.

To install ZSync you need to ensure you have the Dag repositories enabled. See here: Dag, then issue the following commands:

yum install zsync --enablerepo=dag

Reboot not required

cp smeserver-8.1-i386.iso smeserver-8.1.1-i386.iso [if you have a previous .iso]


For upgrade to SME 9.x from SME 8.1 or 7.6 see

Upgrading to 8.x from 7.x - Upgrades from unmodified versions of SME 7.x to SME 8 is supported. If you have modified your server by installing contribs or have used any unsupported 'upgrade' scripts, you may have issues and should consider removing any incompatible contribs before upgrading.

To Be done - See SME_Server_8

Please take note of this forum thread as well as bugzilla:4229 when updating after 19th April 2008.

For further information about yum updating see Yum_Updates FAQ


If you have questions about your download or installation, feel free to make use of the forums. The forums are available for questions, suggestions, and general comments. You may search and find the answer to your question there.