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imapsync allows you to transfer or synchronize data between any two IMAP servers. This could be used in any of several scenarios:

  • Upgrading from one mail server to another (SME -> SME, Exchange -> SME, Notes -> SME)
  • Backing up email from one IMAP server to another
  • Automated spam learning when using SME with an internal mail server (see the Advanced example below).

Author: Gilles LAMIRAL <>


Enable the dag repository for SME 7

You need to activate the Dag reposity before installing this contrib.

see dag repository

Enable the epel repository for SME 8 after

For SME Server 8, 9 en 10 you can find imapsync in epel, that version is most up to date

Install imapsync

for SME7

yum --enablerepo=dag install imapsync

or for sme8, sme9 en sme10

yum --enablerepo=epel install imapsync


Basic Example: Account Duplication

This example would copy all existing folders from to

/usr/bin/imapsync --noauthmd5 \
  --host1 --user1 foo --passfile1 /etc/secret1 \
  --host2 --user2 bar --passfile2 /etc/secret2

Bear in mind that you would need to create /etc/secret1 and /etc/secret2 containing the correct passwords for imapuser1 and imapuser2 respectively.

Advanced Example: Exchange Public Folders

This example will transfer the public folders 'LearnAsSpam' and 'LearnAsHam' from an Exchange server to the specified user on your SME server.

If you create and schedule a script to run this command regularly, and combine it with and Auto-Learning you could let the users on an internal Exchange Server train your SME spamassassin by dragging SPAM or HAM into public folders in their Outlook.


  • For the Exchange Server:
    • the user spamfilter exists on the Exchange server
    • the password for spamfilter on the Exchange server is in the file /root/secret1
    • the Exchange Server user spamfilter has Owner permissions on both Public Folders/LearnAsSpam and Public Folders/LearnAsHam
  • For the SME Server
    • the user spamfilter exists
    • the password for spamfilter on the SME server is in /root/secret2
    • the folders LearnAsSpam and LearnAsHam exist in the email root for spamfilter
imapsync command
/usr/bin/imapsync \
  -- noauthmd5 \
  --host1 a.b.c.d --port1 993 --ssl1 --user1 spamfilter --passfile1 /root/secret1 \
  --delete --expunge1 --prefix1 "Public Folders." \
  --host2 localhost --port2 993 --ssl2 --user2 spamfilter --passfile2 /root/secret2 \
  --folder "Public Folders/LearnAsSpam" \
  --folder "Public Folders/LearnAsHam"  \

Migrating users and data to Zarafa

Zarafa migration whitepaper describes various ways of migrating your users and your data to a Zarafa server.

Folder Naming

SME and Zarafa use different folder naming. To enhance migration SME folders should be renamed prior to migration.

drafts > Drafts             
sent-mail > Sent Items
trash > Deleted Items
junkmail > Junk E-mail
IMAP migration from SME/IMAP to Zarafa/IMAP

By default smeserver-zarafa enables zarafa IMAP on port 8143

Perform a user mail sync from SME/IMAP (host1/port1) to Zarafa/IMAP (host2/port2)

imapsync --noauthmd5 --host1 localhost --port1 143 --split1 500 --user1 <username> \
  --password1 <password> --sep2 / --prefix2 "" --host2 localhost --port2 8143 \
  --split2 500 --user2 <username> --password2 <password>

Example to synchronize a user named 'bob' with password 'bob123' from SME IMAP into Zarafa:

imapsync --noauthmd5 --host1 localhost --port1 143 --split1 500 --user1 bob \
  --password1 bob123 --sep2 / --prefix2 "" --host2 localhost --port2 8143 --split2 500 \
  --user2 bob --password2 bob123

Note: If the synchronization process terminates, apparently successfully, but only part-way through, delete the dovecot.index.cache file in the last folder copied and restart the process. Adding "--useheader 'Message-ID' --skipsize" to the command above will prevent duplicates if the process does have to be restarted.