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Sometimes you just need a little bit of help and make sure it works.

Open Source and Commerce

SME is Open Source and free to install and download (but not free to build). Most installations simply work out of the box, but sometimes you need a little help. The forums are a great place to ask for help. Next to the forums, there are various companies that provide commercial support for the more complex tasks or if the former sysadmin has left the building. Below you find a list of companies/persons that can assist you with your SME Server on a commercial basis. They can provide services, consultancy, remote assistance and advice.

So while you are, free of any charge, downloading, installing and SME Server as Open Source software, you may combine it with commercial services, but you NEVER pay for SME Server by itself. That's the deal with Open Source licensed under any version of GPL.


Neither, nor The Koozali Foundation Inc. are in any way affiliated with the below companies/persons. We simply mention the existence of these companies/persons as a collection of our knowledge in the form of sharing. The information on this page is provided as is, and it is solely up to you, and entirely your responsibility only, to contact and/or work with one of the companies/persons listed here. nor The Koozali Foundation Inc. are responsible for any work, advice or any other activity that has been provided to you if you choose to work with one of the companies/persons below. You are completely on your own. Not even forums posts about your decision can be allowed .

Quality & Professionalism

There is NO ranking system on quality or professionalism, just the information as is. We do however ask each listed Company/person to donate back to Koozali Inc. After all you make money off off 'our' efforts by providing commercial services and need to maintain and grow SME Server. Reports of bad or malicious entries will be investigated and removed if necessary.

Rules to be listed

No one, other then the responsible company/person themselves can list themselves. It is a strict responsibility of themselves. Please do not list a company/person if you are not legally bounded to that company/person. Companies/persons can only list themselves on this page in alphabetical order and by the following strictly format (NO other info is allowed, nor changing any other info of other companies/persons):

Company name, City, Contact Person, URL to landing page of company website e.g.:

North America

  • Canada
Next to be listed
  • USA
Mophilly Technology Inc., San Diego, Calfornia. (Please use the contact form on the website or telephone +1 (619) 296-0114 )

South America

  • Next to be listed


  • France, Martillac, Aquitaine. Hervé Lardin, Tél : +33.5 56 64 15 32,
  • The Netherlands,


  • South Africa
Hawk Electronics Pietermaritzburg. John Hawkins
Tyrian Tech Cape Town. Warren Blackbeard
  • Next to be listed

Middle East

  • Next to be listed


  • China/Hong Kong ,

Australia & Oceania

  • Next to be listed