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Daniel B. from Firewall Services


The latest version of smeserver-expire-accounts is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.



This contribs lets you define a expiry date for user accounts. Once installed you'll be able to

  • Set a date at which the account will automatically expire
  • Optionally transfer emails to another person when the account expires
  • Enable an auto responder notifying that this user doesn't exist anymore
  • Notify both the admin, and the user that their account will expire shortly
  • Optionally archive and delete the user account a defined period of time after it has been locked


  • You need to configure Fws repo


For SME 9

yum --enablerepo=fws install smeserver-expire-accounts


Once installed, you should get a new entry in the server-manager. The main page lists existing user accounts (a first table with active user account, and another one with already locked user accounts). For each user, you can set the expiry. There's also a global configuration section, where you can set:

  • When an account is about to expire, the admin (and optionally the user) are notified. This value is the amount of remaining days before the expiry for a notification to be sent. Eg if you set 15, admin and users will be notified for the first time 15 days before the expiry
  • How often is the admin (and optionally the user) reminded about the expiry. Eg if you set 5 admin and users will be notified every 5 days until the account expire
  • Admin recipient: the default is to send expiry notifications to the admin, but you can set a different email address here