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Dave Liquorice, England, UK.

The day job is as a freelance Broadcast Sound Engineer working on Outside Broadcasts mainly in the North of England and southern Scotland. See Allsorts Audio. I'm also a Full Member of the Institute of Professional Sound and try to keep the IPS FAQ Wiki in some form of order.


I've been a "home Office" user of SME since around version 5.6. I love the way that it "just works" and is so simple to install and configure for normal use.

There a couple of How To's... written by me. One to install Leafnode usenet news server as a supervised service and the other for getting a serial port connected APC Smart UPS to work with NUT. Uninterruptable Power Supply#Serial Connection and related to that Udev - symlinks.

After writing those, way back in 2008, I became a member of the SME docteam but I can't say I've done much since. I don't like writing or sub-editing pages unless I really understand the proceedures being described. This normally means that it has to be something I have done. As I only have one SME server running and no spare hardware to play with I don't fiddle. The domestic agro if the internet is down for more than a couple of minutes has to be heard to be believed. B-) This is also why I'm still running SME7.6 rather than SME8.

>>> If it ain't broke, don't fix it! <<<

Updated: 5 Feb 2013