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For certain applications, more recent versions of some software components are often needed in order to use their latest new features. Software Collections provides a set of dynamic programming languages, database servers, and various related packages that are either more recent than their equivalent versions included in the base SME Server 9.x system. Software Collections is only available for SME Server 9.x 64-bit


The Software Collections (scl) packages can be installed by issuing the following command:

yum install scl-utils

This will only install the scl 'environment'. For installation of the individual applications, please see below.

Enable scl repositories

To be able to install a specific scl application, one must enable the one of the Software Collections Repositories based on the required application. See the Software Collections Repositories page on how to enable the desired repository.

Installation of a collection

To be able to install an application from the Software Collections, one must enable the respective application repo. As an example, enable the scl-php54 repo and to list all available versions the following command can be used:

yum list available \* --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=scl-php54

php54 will be listed, and to install that version:

 yum install php54 --enablerepo=scl-php54

Please see the specific application sections below on detailed installation instructions.

You can verify installed Software Collections by issuing:

scl -l

Collections will be installed in:


as defined by the collection packager and noted here:


The one that build the software collection (called a provider) can tag his collections with a provider name. In the above case in '/opt/rh', the provider is Redhat. For SME Server this could be '/opt/sme' or personal collections e.g. '/opt/stephdl'

The /opt is the highly recommended installation location. However, in the case of SME Server, considerations to install in a different location could be considered regarding default backups etc. e.g. '/home/e-smith/files/scl/sme'.

For more information on running applications and other options please see the Software Collections Documentation

Software Collections applications

Please note that this is still a work in progress. Each individual application will store it's data into their own environment/directory, which by default will NOT be backed up by SME Server. This is being worked on.

Please see the individual application articles:

Available articles
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Software Collections:MongoDB
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Software Collections:MySQL57
Software Collections:Nodejs
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Software Collections:PostgreSQL
Software Collections:Python
Software Collections:Ruby on Rails

Building your own software collections

Please consider building your collection on non production systems only. For a full reference please refer to the developers manual here.

To be able to build your own software collection, an extra scl package has to be installed:

yum install scl-utils-build --enablerepo=scl

Contrib development

Development of a contrib for SCL PHP specifically is under way. Currently it is in (pre) Alpha stage. You can read more about it on the forums


  1. Software Collections website
  2. SRPM of RHSCL6
  3. Release Notes & Documentation

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