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Proxypass Note box issue when bugzilla link included

Cactus just reverted a change which repositioned the Note box ending }} brackets after the bugzilla link. The whole Note box text now does not display at all when viewing the FAQ. Timn played around with this trying to fix it and ended up placing the bug link outside the Note box. Reviewing the history of changes and going back a long way, it is apparent that the Template for the Note box was changed a long time ago, and since then when the bugzilla link is placed within the Note box start and ending brackets {{bugzilla:1612}} , the text no longer displays correctly. It just says "Important message here." I also looked at how to include bugzilla:1612 within the Note box text field so the text would still display, but I could not find any formatting rules or alternative. I did see that doing [[bugzilla:1612]] allowed the bugzilla link to display, but then the extra sets of brackets [[ ]] also displayed as plain text. I'd add that it is good practise to always verify/check any changes or corrections made, by clicking the Show preview button first, before committing those changes. --RayMitchell 10:06, 22 January 2010

It would be helpful if the pages in the 8 sections were alphabetized. Can this be done? Randy Williams

Johnatahn here is a Note box with a bug refernece in it, you will have to look at it in edit mode to see the text in the Note Box as the inclusion of the bug ref distrupts the Notebox template displaying the included text

Test note box without bugzilla reference

Important.png Note:
Test note box without bugzilla reference

Test note box with bugzilla reference Bugzilla:1612 - only default "Important message here" is shown

Important.png Note:
Test note box with bugzilla reference Bugzilla:1612