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Chapter 2. How you can help


Documentation for SME Server was inherited from the prior distribution maintainers, e-smith and mitel. Their work gave SME a great base to work from.

The current developers have continued to improve the SME Server software and to reflect these improvements the Documentation has to develop too. These wiki-based manuals have been put in place to allow anyone to update or add new sections where they see fit.

The core manuals have been protected for stability, but anyone can request access to add and update howto and contrib pages to the wiki.

Bug and New Feature Verification

Please help us to make our software as reliable as possible. Your role in that is to report possible bugs only via the bug tracker, and to encourage others to do the same. Thanks.

Refer again to BugzillaHelp for helping with bug fixing and verification, the best way to learn is to fix other peoples problems.


Template:FixMe See the Developers manual

Maintaining existing Languages

Changes to Existing Language sets are posted to the Translations section of the Bug Tracker.

For a simple change add the original and the new text to a bug report.

For larger changes you can make a patch.

Obtain an original file that you are going to modify, it will usually be a translation of a panel, eg. /etc/e-smith/locale/en-us/etc/e-smith/web/functions/hostentries or /etc/e-smith/locale/fr/etc/e-smith/web/functions/hostentries if a patch from the Bug Tracker is available it will guide you on what has changed [[1]]

make a directory and copy your file there as name.old make a copy and edit it to suit

from the command line create a patch diff -u name.old > name.patch

add this to the existing bug or create a new one in Translations

Donations & Funding Work

Help pay it's bills

Pay a developer to add a feature you would like Email a developer directly with your request or open a bug with your proposal