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Phplist Contribs

Phplist is an OpenSources Mailing List tool.

It can be setup on SmeServer with the contrib smeserver-phplist.

/!\ To begin, be sure you have the right repository setup on your system. /!\

[root@sme8 ~]# yum install --enablerepo=fws smeserver-phplist

This will install two packages, on for Phplist, and the second to adapt Phplist for SmeServer.

[root@sme8 ~]# expand-template /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

[root@sme8 ~]# sv t /service/httpd-e-smith/

[root@sme8 ~]# expand-template /etc/e-smith/sql/init/phplistdb

[root@sme8 ~]# sh /etc/e-smith/sql/init/phplistdb

[root@sme8 ~]# expand-template /usr/share/phplist/www/lists/config/config.php

To access Phplist, you have just to go https://yourserver.tld/lists

The administrator interface was at https://yourserver.tld/lists/admin