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Mnemo for SME Server


John Bennett Services - JBS (software)


Mnemo is the Horde notes and memos application. It lets users keep free-text notes and other bits of information which doesn't fit as a contact, a todo item, an event, etc. It is very similar in functionality to the Palm Memo application.

Step-by-step silly HowTo for installation of Mnemo on a fresh SMEserver 7.1.3.

It's intended for Linux-newbies like myself.

This installs from smedev repository (the simple way), there could be later versions elsewhere.


1. Log in (with username root) to the SMEserver console.

2. Download and install mnemo and smeserver-mnemo with:

yum --enablerepo=smedev install smeserver-mnemo

3. Do following commands for the changes to take effekt:

signal-event post-upgrade
signal-event reboot

Your SME server reboots

4. Enable webmail access in server-manager (if not already done)

5. Open https://yourserver/webmail

6. Log in and check out "Memo"-item.

Additional information

Mnemo website

Announcement: SME Server 7.x Contribs

If you connect to the SMEserver console by Putty ssh-client (or similar) you can copy and paste the commands (very convenient).

Please note that this was written in april 2007, if the software change then this howto may be outdated.

Please do edit if you find errors or have improvements, but make sure that it works!

Good luck /Per